Yes - you apply for a Texas Tag. In GA, they were called Peach Pass. They cost you $20 and you stick it inside the windshield just below the RV mirror. They have electronic sensors overhead that detect your tag and charge you the miles you've gone on the tollway. When you register for the Tag, you must also register a Credit Card number. They charge the CC $20 for fees. As you use the Tag it deducts the amount from the $20. Once you get to a balance below $5 or $10, it charges another $20 to your CC. So your Tag is always replenished. They send you a notice telling you, so it's not like they do this secretly where you can't keep track. VERY easy !

Texas Tag is good anywhere in Texas on any Toll Road. That makes it nice you don't have to have different ones for different cities. Also the rate is about 25-30% cheaper than cash ! I see signs that say (for example) "Toll to I-75 Tag $1.00, Cash $1.35 " So you actually save $ too ! grin

I don't like Toll Roads, BUT if they're privately funded or funded with special Bonds the state must repay, I can live with it. What I hate is some Legislators efforts to build them with tax $ and then charge us a Toll too. And this is a GOP Legislature - isn't that double taxation ?? mad

David (OFI)