I have type two diabetes. It's controlled pretty well by my not eating sugar and with metformin. I have been getting my supplies from the local pharmacy with Medicare picking up the tab. They pay for my meter and test strips and lancets

Recently my glucose meter died so went to pharmacy to get a new one. I had had to fill out several papers and was told I will need to bring in meter every month to download my test results in order for Medicare to pay. I asked what the bill Medicare for my test strips. The gal said they bill $36 per 50 count box.

I looked on line to Amazon to find that I can get 100 for $22. I can also get a meter for $9 and 100 lancets for $11. No fuss, no muss. Free shipping.

I don't know what they billed Medicare for the meter, but I bet it was a lot more than $9.

So, for me. I think I will get my own and save the tax payers.

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We are just wasting our time