Yup... The Name Fits.

SHE was known by Many Names
..but HER nick' was "BeeBee"

3 Days Before Halloween........

My BF returned from a weed-run with "Baby-Boo" in tow.
She'd been living in someone's hallway for months, until he
asked her if she wanted to come stay with us... she said "YEAH!"
He slipped her under his jacket & the rest, as they say, is History.

Therefore, among HER other names were; Miss Taken,
Miss Appropriated, oh yeah....The (C)attitude! ...Miss Demeanor

He opened the apartment door tossed her in and hid...
You should'a seen the look on my mom's face!

She walked into our lives 3 days before Halloween
.. .. . . .. . .. . .. . ... . . ... .
and stayed with us for 13 years almost to the day.

Thirteen was much too young...
When she developed cancer throughout her body it progressed
as rapidly as rolling a ball off a tabletop...there was no sense in
trying to drag it out by subjecting her to torturous yet hopeless
visits to the vet in order to force her to stay with us a bit longer.

...it never gets easier...
...the only solace is the knowledge that you're the only one who
can help a best friend in their most dire need imaginable, and
to be with them at the end to ease their passing.

Lord knows how I wish such was so for us poor humans

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