Not our yoyo, my YoYo. His original name was Yoda as you can see why. Then it went to a nick of YoYo, then just Yo, as animal names tend to evolve.

Had to take this guy in tonight. He has been showing symptoms of thyroid and/or diabetes and/or cancer for a couple of years. I won't put them through the testing, and prodding, or chemo and slamming pills down or giving shots just to satisfy the need to keep them around a little while longer. Quality of life, not quantity.

He came to my abode 6 years ago or so. Hung around outside for about a year till he started to come close and finally came inside. He was old then, had to have all but his back molars pulled. He had a cyst like thing under his left jaw on his neck I used to have drain every few weeks till a couple of years ago when it kind of receded. You can see the lump in this photo. He was too old to operate on back then.

Tough old bird, he instantly became one of the Alphas though, even with a drippy neck and without teeth, it was attitude.

He has been showing signs for a year or more. Drinking more, always hungry, slowly losing weight, etc, but active and spunky till now. The switch flipped today, I knew it was time. When I ate breakfast and lunch he wasn't at my elbow as usual, and was just laying around in strange places, hard to walk, felt cold.


Yo. frown

This never gets any easier.