Our Fav is Whataburger - w jalapeños, but when we lived in GA, Sonic and Wendy's** were the only decent burgers we could get. We tried 5 Guys, Steak N Shake, ... nah ! McDonalds- you're spot on- might as well eat cardboard - it has more flavor ... AND Texture ! laugh

I've heard Smashburger is good, but haven't tried one.

**Not all Wendy's are good - depends on management- but there was one by school that I'd go to after class sometimes- had to wait 5-8 min to get it; but it was HOT off the grill- pretty good.

Sorry to hear about your burger dilemma !! wink

I worked for a burger chain during early College- was called Burger Chef outta Indianapolis... 18¢ hamburgers and 50¢ Big Chef (like Big Mac). I remember in 1966 we had a 10¢ hamburger day on a Saturday that a new Mall was opening up behind us... we sold > 5000 hamburgers that day !! People were buying 10-25 at a pop (and I guess freezing the extras).. I had 2-3 orders of 100! I was dead dog tried after that day !! and didn't make min wage... made $1.10 /hr. The company got around it by some law a that allowed them to count each store as a separate business even though they were corporation !! Rat Bastids went bankrupt in the late 1970s... he, he, he wink Had some good time there though !

David (OFI)