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No one is giving anyone a pass, Dave. It's called expectations meet reality. You're dealing with minimum-wage high school kids with a day of training — not the chef at Che Expensivo — and neither the establishment nor it's employees are held accountable to the photography on the wall. If they give you an empty bun, that's another matter. But if they give you whatever ingredients are pictured and within an ounce or two of the advertised weight, they've met their obligation even if it ain't purity! It's a down & dirty fast food chain. A Ptomaine Palace, if you will. Get over it!

That's how it works , now?

Someone got paid a good amount enticing me to order that hamburger. At least it could have looked a little like was shown. But, hey, that's just me. And , guess what I got had more to do with the manager than it did with the assembler of my specific sandwich.

Now don't get me wrong. I understand the work kids do there and I appreciate it. I'm a good tipper when allowed. Not only that but I give words of encouragement to the kids. But when I purchase something I want value for my money. That's why I don't get the Dollar meals. I also remember the cheapo burgers of the late '60s. Those six for a buck. Burgers that one could see through.

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