Be as it may. I understand you are in the business, but come to my local A&W, order a papa burger. Look at the ingredients of what they give you: Notice the thin strip of lettuce, the also thin and small slice of tomato. Notice the equal amount of onion. Then notice how they slapped it haphazardly together. Hold that up to the image on the sign which shows the generous amount of lettuce . The large thick slice of tomatoes extruding enticingly around the burger with onion etc. all of this between plump buns.

This is the reality of it .

And this crap about giving them a by because its only $5 bucks. It might be, but that's not a reason not give value for customer.

Another time I bought hamburgers and fries and drinks at both our Sonic and A&W . Took them home where I weighed them then gave a taste test to determine the "best" buy. They were different but I can't recall which was a better value.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time