Sorry I just don't "buy it". The Ferrari does NOT kill people usually (you're really stretching it thin with the accident thingy) and there are far fewer of them than assault rifles. Maybe if we priced assault rifles like Ferrari's I might could live with it. wink (not really)

There is just NO need for an ordinary citizen to have military weapons, (not directed at you) and I'm sick of hearing the 2nd amendment BS from the NRA and wayne LaP dog... it guarantees "the right to bear arms" but doesn't guarantee what they are ! Pea-shooters, slingshots !

If they're plentiful and around- the "wrong" people will get them and use them. Plain and simple... How many people in US cities have been run over by a tank ? ZERO - WHY? You can't get them ! It's totally logical and practical - get them totally off the streets !. Won't stop all gun violence, but it will severely impact the probability of massacres like Newtown and Aurora, CO.
David (OFI)