Gawd, she wasn't the only one... it was like amateur night at the Grade C "stand-up comedian show.". McConnell, Ryan, Cantor... trying to be impressively funny (or snarky) and they were all LAME !! McConnell's Golden Girl remark... they think they're so cute !! but the bar is so low- it's subterranean !! worms and slugs can easily get over it . . . confused - come to think of it, many did !! laugh

Oh almost forgot . . .and Mitt talking about all the great young conservatives the GOP has... but he didn't check to see many he cited WEREN'T invited !! OMG !!! blush
Yep they're THAT good !! ;-P

CPAC- Conservative Piss-Ants' Club !! wink

David (OFI)