Okay, so last Saturday I was given seven vinyl records that were in my aunts shed, six of which were my grandfather's when my dad was little. (I'm still looking for a player.)

One of those vinyls was a 2nd print of Hotel California.

Now there's a misprint on the lyrics that just sticks out at me. (She got a lot pretty pretty boys when it should be a lot of pretty pretty boys) Now my question is, was this on all of the others?

Here Is New Kid in Town being played on the old player in my school's PE office. It's a Califone Prominade II VA 42 from about 1963. Non Hi-Fi and monaural. I recorded it with my iphone so forgive the background noise. (No the needle didn;t skip at the end, I accidentally paused the recording at the end instead of stopped it and it started on a different song) I couldn't find a decent picture of it so here it is playing Blondie.

Here are all of my other vinyl albums.

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