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Even if driving recklessly that would be called an accident. No one wakes up and thinks "i'll just kill a bunch of people today... and instead of using a firearm...I'm going to use my nice expensive sport car".

That's where you and I differ, I guess. Driving recklessly leaves the realms of accident and heads into territory of causality. Much like you cannot drink and drive - courts have now decided that while you might not intend to cause death, when one occurs you are culpable. I similarly consider a reckless driver to be as much culpable and any death resulting from their decision to drive recklessly to be a result of negligence and not accidental.

And for the record I also consider "accidental firearm discharges" to be a factor of negligence, rather than accident. Before getting a firearm, get training in both handling safety and usage, before you start to mess with it.

Huge difference between manslaughter and maniacal, planned, cold blooded homicide.

Anyways... please feel free to point out/link multiple any auto accidents that took the lives of 20-30 people, mostly kids. Purposely, or not.