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Even if driving recklessly that would be called an accident. No one wakes up and thinks "i'll just kill a bunch of people today... and instead of using a firearm...I'm going to use my nice expensive sport car".

That's where you and I differ, I guess. Driving recklessly leaves the realms of accident and heads into territory of causality. Much like you cannot drink and drive - courts have now decided that while you might not intend to cause death, when one occurs you are culpable. I similarly consider a reckless driver to be as much culpable and any death resulting from their decision to drive recklessly to be a result of negligence and not accidental.

And for the record I also consider "accidental firearm discharges" to be a factor of negligence, rather than accident. Before getting a firearm, get training in both handling safety and usage, before you start to mess with it.
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