#1 is legit, though how rare is this? I'll admit I never heard this on the news. BUT if there's so many - why isn't the National news covering it?

#2 - while the firearm stopped and held the guy; the "good guy" didn't have to have it to stop a beating.

And I have no problem with regular firearms - it's the assault rifles and 30 shot magazines that make me cringe. Either guy could have done what they did with a 6-shooter ! They didn't need a Bushmaster. But regardless, I think we've done this experiment in about 1880 and it didn't work out well. Story #1 also shows the dilemma a "good guy" has - he didn't shoot because of bystanders. IF police had come up and seen him - how do they know he's the "good guy"? Does he wear a bright t-shirt with a big G on it ? wink

The whole argument is just not logical.
David (OFI)