That one ran for only $899 new. It's kind of a give and take.

It was the last of the 20" models. It was an edu model is why the original price was so low. It had a slower P7350 Penryn processor than the E8135 Penryn in the two models before it, and came with only a 160G HD. The P7350 was a lower wattage and had a 3M cache as compared to the 6M in the E series. The MB323 and MB324 that they have on that site would be a faster machine, but they only go to 6G of RAM, the one you linked to can take 8.

If the extra RAM doesn't matter the MB32x series ones are faster. As far as OS support, my guess is the MB32x models will be dropped from OS support about the same time as it is since the P7350 is actually an older model.

Bottom line is if the extra RAM isn't an issue I'd go with one of the MB32x series that they have.