Is it me? The other day I had that problem with the Office 2011 update. But it was fixed fairly quickly. Today Software Update tells me that OS 10.8.3 is available. So I start the process on the Mini and fire up the MBP to do the same. As I'm watching both screens, I notice that the d/l on the MacBook is more than twice the size of the d/l in progress on the Mini. Huh?

Next thing I know, the MBP shows an error message saying the update couldn't be installed because the file couldn't be expanded, and that it would retry the next time I launched SU. And then it restarted itself.

In the meantime, the update completed successfully on the Mini. So when the MBP rebooted, I opened SU again, and it said "No updates available". So now I have 10.8.3 on one machine, and 10.8.2 on t'other, and can't get an update!

I guess I'll try again tomorrow. Weird. crazy