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Oh yeah cigarettes don't kill anyone !!

Well like the gun theory laugh its the person that owns it -- ya know guns don't kill , people do.

Which brings back my idea of taxing the shiit out of ammo ownership -> much like the gov did with cigarettes sin tax.

Believe me here a pack of cigs cost 9 bucks , 10 + in Waikiki . Make a bullet so expensive even the gang bangers won't use one.

You can't connect cigarets to ammo. Now you have a much better association with ammo to guns as gasoline to cars. A gun is no good without ammo as a car is no good without gas.

I would think that folks would want people to have ammo. That ishow they practice in order to be accurate and safe. Restricting ammo is like giving a person a quart of gasoline and telling him to practice driving.

People who shoot can go through a ton of ammo. I realize those not in the know might not understand but they need too. One just doesn't go to the range and go through a few rounds they can shoot hundreds.

Again, there are millions of legal gun owners and few of them harm anyone. It's not that they "need" to but they enjoy it. Like skate boarding, bird watching, drag racing, skeet shooting ( and the president is an ardent fan), like rodeo. Like any sport or activity. Like surfing. Skiing.

They gun is just like the tools they need for each of their activities

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We are just wasting our time