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To me it seems so arbitrary. Why don't they just tell people to change their schedules for working, etc.

Say if a hospital, say, which has 12 hour schedules ( the norm in lots of areas ) decided it might be benefit their patents and staff , they could change their shifts from 7:00 to 7:00, to 6:00 to 6:00.

Then you would have some people applaud that they can be home before dark. But then others gritching that they have to get up to early.
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But then, also, the concept of time is arbitrary. Lets changeout days to 30 hours. Then when people worked 8 hours they could have more free time. This would please the liberals. Then the employers could hire more employees which would please the conservatives.

We could then change time zones to 12 degrees instead of 15

To me, just set it and leave it alone.
Yeah, that all sure sounds a lot easier than just setting the clocks back and forward one hour twice a year. smirk

Plus, you're long retired Dave, the day starts at sunrise and ends at sunset for you. For us working stiffs that extra hour of light is a lot. I'm with yoyo, make it year round.