Right - well sorta.

The articles does state that more (detailed) data is needed . For example which laws were effective and which ones were not.

However the one true data that was used was a simple fact -> States that have more gun laws had fewer gun related deaths -vs- States that have liberal gun laws.

Sorta what Steve G said - just that single data point is enough said.

IMO; There should be a single source data base that all police departments report too, that is mandatory in every case . Some sort of an electronic file system or a check list .

Say a detective is call out to a new crime scene , he brings his department issued iPad laugh selects new case and a checklist pops up - type of crime and weapon of choice - there would be check boxes that once check goes auto into a national data base.

This would show how many criminal gun deaths -vs- gun deaths by accident -vs- gun deaths by self defense . Not to mention gun deaths -vs- knife deaths and so on.

I know its a dream - but this day and age it is certainly possible but I don't see anyone working to that direction ? ?

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