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How about setting up printer sharing on her iMac for the Canon and print to it that way? Set up the shared printer in your Print and Fax prefs.

Been there done that. All printers are shared on the network prefs on both macs. Both macs are set to wake for network access.

Sending to Brother@imac from the available connected printers on the network does nothing, spools for an hour, or decides it's not connected. Sending from the iMac to the connected AirPrint Canon sends the file, then decides it too is not connected. The wireless connection has full bars to the iMac, the microwave is not being used, and if it's a rush to get out the door to a meeting it laughs at me as it spools and whines.

Of course, on whim, sometimes it all works perfectly. Just to tease.

I've undone and redone everything to the point that cocktail hour can occur at any time. laugh