I've always stayed away from the high cost of a color laser printer that can print 11x17, but I bet if I added the cost of all the damn inkjet cartridges at $16 to $18 a pop then the price may be more comparable.

I am sick of inkjets, and actually find myself using them less and less because of the pain it inflicts. I do my creative stuff in one side of the the house, my wife does her business stuff in the study on the other side. The cable modem is in my workspace and everything is wireless to her space. I'd like to the Canon printer in her workspace but the wireless snafu won't allow that. Even with the Canon USB-connected to the iMac in her study I must pray to my tiki gods and draw blood to have any hope that a file will actually print "through the air". One moment it works, the next it doesn't. Everything else on our network is flawless and speedy, but printing maybe just isn't my thing.