I hate ink jet printers. Must. Vent. Now. mad

I have 2 of them. A Canon large format and a Brother print/scan/fax, set up about 40 ft apart at different workstations in my home office, 2 macs and 2 printers, that in my dreams may someday actually connect to one another. They sit away out of plain sight and don't mess with the zen-ness of my home studio -- I don't want a gray plastic inkjet printer to occupy the same space as my Noguchi coffee table damnit! laugh Both inkjets are supposed to work wireless but seem to forget about that function if they go into sleep mode or get shut down. So now they stay tethered by USB for a direct hardwired to each nearby mac, and maybe if the gods are smiling down they'll tempt me by letting them connect to eachother to share wirelessly for a moment, then decide to taunt me and become unconnected 5 minutes after I've been able to be connected and print to the one in the other room deleting and reinstalling drivers and preferences only continues the game. A new Airport Extreme perhaps? No luck with that either.

The Canon has decided it's going to print everything 1.25" shifted to the right. There is no preference or page setup function that says to do that. It also likes to devour Photo Cyan, even when the "clean print heads" option is turned off . otherwise the thing would do that unneccesary ink-wasting action 10 times a day. $16 a cartridge . this really digs deep in the hurt when I have to go replace a dry red ink cartridge so I can print black text pages . when did I print anything red?? Run to Staples and they have the CMYK value pack (saves about $5) and green and PM and PC but out of stock of the red.

So I'll spend some time this weekend and delete, download and reinstall all of the current printer software (again) . Rework my network to see if maybe they'll want to connect. The Brother multifunction likes to spool a whole lot, maybe the Brother engineers think this is funny because I don't think the little whining noise it makes is something actutally mechanical happening as data is flowing I think they engineer the thing to make that noise as a feature. Like the Canon engineers thinking they might create binge-buying of Canon 8Red ink just because they can.