Yep ole Wayne La-dairy-aire himself --- well on tape !!

Lady said that they were doing a survey and wanted my opinion. But first I needed to listen to an important message from Wayne La-dairyaire. so I politely listened to the message which lasted about 30 seconds. Then there was a silence, and I had to say "hello" to get someone to come back on. A different lady was on the line this time and wanted to know if I agreed with Wayne?

I politely said "no ! !"

She said Ok, good bye.. But then I asked her "I thought you were doing a survey and wanted my opinion." So when she asked what it was, I told her I believed in the second amendment and that people should have a right to own a gun, but I did not believe that military assault weapons should be allowed on our streets. Then there was this big "click" !!

Not a not even a "by your leave"" thank you for your time", "Have a good day"nothing she just hung up. mad A "F-U, Jack" would have been more hospitable ! laugh

Well so much for the NRA wanting people's opinions; about like Fox news wanting people's opinions only if it matches their own ! !
Course I didn't expect anything less. laugh
David (OFI)