Back in December my wife's purse was stolen from behind the counter at the small retail store she works, and within 15 minutes I was on the phone cancelling two Visa debit cards. Debit cards require a pin number right to use them, right? Wrong. By the time the cards were canceled, could not have been more than 30 minutes that the cards were in the thief's hands, they were able to fill up at the gas station, buy $50 of stuff at the CircleK and coffee at Starbucks. All of our cards cancelled the week before Christmas that was inconveinient.

That was actually the most fortunate and least expensive part of the situation. Also stolen in the purse were a set of keys. We had to re-key our house and our PO Box. The doors to the store too. The cost to re-key our car (remote key, ignition, 2 doors and trunk) would have been over $1500 so if the thief decides they wants our car too it's their's to take. At least if it's stolen we have insurance for that. bleh!