I'm sorry you thought I was jumping on your post. My post was to give a recolection of my first introduction to Soledad. Ths was in 1991 or so. In looking up her bio, this was not mentioned on Wiki as I recall.
I liked her. She was bright and articulate. She did a god job.

As for the Channel One segments on school time, I mentioned it as one who experienced it for several years. My thinking was that many others might not be aware of that program in schools. I'm not sure if they still have that.

The positive part of the program was that the students would get five minutes of news. Maybe all some might get in their life. But the negative part was that the school was a part of selling mouthwash, skin conditioner, soda pop etc advertisement during school time. We were required to show this. Teachers who were caught turning it off and teaching or even turning down the volume or interrupting the programs would get drilled a new arse.

The schools did it because they got money. Good for the budget. Rather reminds me of the contracts the school districts have with coke or Pepsi for the right to have their concessions in the schools and that the contract dictates that the students must have access to these concessions all during the day except for an hour during lunch.

It's about using the students in a controlled environment to sell products . I don't like it much. Others might see it as a great thing.

Of course, Soledad was not a part of this scheme . I was happy that she was able to move into the major media outlets.

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We are just wasting our time