And then we get comments like this

Last year when I heard about her, of course I was curious about her gender. And seeing her height as 6'8" i was interested as I've always liked the tall players on basketball.

I listened to her interviews. She has a husky voice. Then I saw a video of her teammates and her fooling around in their off time. She was squeeling and giggling like a typical girl.

Just watch her play. Watche her move. She moves like a female player. Case closed for me.

As for her voice. Well she is a big girl. Her voice box will be such to give that sound.

She sure can play ball. Is she the best female player of all time?I have no idea as there have been some good ones and there are some good ones playing now. But she can play.

Now, last night, they played a short team in K-State. I believe KState has no player taller then six foot. But KState has a good player in Brittany Chalmbers. KState double and triple teamed her all night. Still she scored.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time