I've been using AirDrop to txfr files back and forth btwn my Mini and MBpro. Much faster and easier than file sharing. I do this maybe once or twice a week. This morning, AirDrop would not launch on the MacBook.

When I double click the icon, instead of opening the AirDrop pane, it opens a duplicate finder window. Oddly enough, holding the Option key while double clicking the icon opens the pane and shows the Mini. However, the MB still doesn't recognize the Mini. I don't get the "Save" option on the MB, and the Mini tells me the connection failed.

Nothing system-wise has changed recently, except for this morning's Java update via Software Update. I applied that to both Macs, but since AirDrop still opens on the Mini, I assume I can rule out the Java update as a culprit. Some googling has turned up a few issues regarding connectivity, but nothing like the no-launch problem I'm experiencing.

I have repaired permissions, done fsck -f, and run DW. But still no joy.

Any ideas? confused