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Also get a message popup saying "Some plugins used by this page are out of date." & a button to upadte
Doing so brings up a message that flash is no longer supported for this computer

I tried it on a G4 10.5.8.

Get this zipped file. Download will start. It's a modified version of the Flash 11.5 plug-in made to work on PPC. The instructions are in the zip file.

You might consider getting http://www.floodgap.com/software/tenfourfox/ a FF build. You want to get the right version for your G5. You'll need to enable some plug-in stuff the first time you run it. This explains it pretty well, they have them shut off by default for security. The link refers to java but it will turn flash on too.

Your link sometimes played in FF, it would usually throw up a scipt error and lock up FF. Tenfourfox did fine.

Safari played it no problem also.