Remember back when the crushing blow of Kerry's loss hit us and how the right gloated? Remember all the hand-wringing we were accused of? Ain't it great to be on the other side? There isn't much action here, but on other forums there are all kinds of people who think Obama is the anti-Christ and I love calling them up on their "hand-wringing" and whining and seeming inability to accept that Obama won. Twice. My favorite two lines are, maybe you could get someone to give Obama a bj to speed up the process of getting rid of him? Also, directing them to Obama administration countdown sites is another one.

As I have stated here, I have issues with Obama. Especially the increased drone attacks. Wrong wrong. But he is head and shoulders above what we had, and I love reminding the whiners about it. Hee.
We are what we repeatedly do - Aristotle