Way back in early nineties she was one of the anchors on the "Channel One" broadcasts that came in to high schools with news for kids. Along with an abundance of commercials. Our district bought into the "bargain" because the company doing it furnished TV sets for each classroom. Well almost all.

They put tvs in every class room that was having class at the time. When they first put them in, I didn't have a first hour class as that was my planning hour. Thus I didn't get a TV. Then a couple years later my schedule changed so I had a first hour class . But it took sometime for them to install a TV.

We were required to stop everything we were doing to air the broadcast. We couldn't teach. I think it was eleven minutes or something. The news was good but the kids were subjected to those commercials . I was one who vehemently opposed to forcing the kids to watch those ads. All in order for the school to get freakin tvs.

So that's what I remember when I see Soledad on TV. But I always liked here even tho she showed her bias.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time