Speaking of FLOTUS butt blush if you've noticed, she wears her belts/sashes etc. just under her boobs. It is for a good reason.

Women's body shapes come in "fruit" varieties. They can't necessarily be changed by diet and or exercise.

Michelle is the pear. Big butt! [cough] The pear shape was once very stylish and is evident in lots of really old paintings by the masters. I fall more into the apple category. Not the one in the picture, but one twice as wide. Very little or no waist! wink

So I've seen comments about how Michelle encourages people and youth to exercise and watch their diets, and the same people say she is fat! Well she is not skinny, but neither would I consider her grossly overweight. The way she deemphasizes her waist draws less attention to the larger derriere.

Just a comment or two.