I prefer to search and conduct business from eBay from safari not from the eBay ap.

They have recently changed how it works in searching and refining .

Say I'm looking for a pair of mens pants waist size 48 .

I go to Mens Clothing
Then Pants
This brings up all the items in that category.

I then want to refine search by selecting my size, inseam, material, color etc

They show these along the left side. I click on "see all"

Now here's where my problem lies.

Up pops a window withe the choices

I pick size bottoms

In the pop up window it shows the choices of sizes but my size "48" is beyond the window.

I can't get it to slide down to show the rest of the choices. I've tried one finger, two finger, three and four finger swipes to no avail. What it does is move the bottom window not the top window.

Am I stupid or what (okay don't answer that)

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