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It is only February 2013.
The election is November 2014.

The sequestor fallout and every other manufactured crisis between now and then will be ham grin javascript:%20void(0)mered out in the last 2 months before the election by the media's collective stupidity to label all this as Obama's failure. By then the economy may once again falter and fall by the "leadership" of the GOP/teaparty. People won't remember who caused the sequestor cuts …you can count on it. Media's memory doesn't even remember what happened a month ago, all they want is to draw ratings by pouring fuel of the fire on the latest GOP-made crisis.

1. Then it's up to the Dems to remind them.. the same way we're seeing Boehner's talk from 2011 - "I got 98% of what I wanted !!" Really? - you caved and gave BO his austere sequester ! sick

2. There will be new crises, right up to the election. This won't be the last.

3. Never underestimate these GOTP "leaders" to develop new cluster-Fs for themselves !! grin

4. WTF are they going to run for all those seats- more Bachmans, Angles, and Whitmans ? I double-dog dare them ! whistle
David (OFI)