Carp, who is Bi? I don't get that from yoyo's response. The only females in the thread is Hilliary and Michelle. Did you mean she is Bi? Which one. I didn't know that.

Would that stop you from voting for someone [Hilliary] because they were Bi sexual?

Unless either woman were to publicly proclaim she was Bi -- how would you or anyone find out? How could it matter? wink

I think Hilliary has a good legacy. She is not too old to run for president. I would vote for her if she runs. But, I hope she doesn't. It is such a tough job and she can do so much more good in the world speaking, teaching and "being". The Presidency would be so hard on her as it is on anyone.

I am sure in my mind that Michelle does not want the job. As her children leave the nest, I bet she gets a top job at something she loves -- but not politics!

Biden, however, is getting a little long in the tooth. I believe him to be a good man and good VP. His foot-n-mouth condition doesn't bother me and if he runs, he has my vote.

As for the Republicans -- time is getting short for them and they don't even have a leader yet or a plan. As long as their radicals hold them by the necks, they'll continue to spin their wheels no matter who they choose to represent them in '16 [in my opinion].