Just to set the record straight (especially with a very close friend ;-) ~ No, I don't give a flyin' fk about gay. It's as natural as the way I love dogs. OK, not the best analogy, but y'all get what I'm sayin'. So does that very close friend.

Anyway. Conversation this morning got me to thinking. We've exported some really bad shlt from my home state, and this cat is one of the worst. The discussion briefly touched on this reality: The man is incredibly charismatic. He's smart. He's driven. Oh, and yeah. He's batshlt crazy.

Scary things appear on our collective horizons. It's good to identify incoming. We can only hope that this collective . . . I'm at a loss for the right word here. Yoyo?

We can only hope that these frightening people are total aberrations. I believe that they are. But our conversation this morning referenced Ted Cruz's penchant for McCarthyism. I'm reminded also of Hitler. And hell, this jackas$ is from Texas, so there's that.

So. I seriously see gay in this moron. That's fine. But it makes him really, really scary. Damn. Well, it's local politics. On the other hand, I was so sure I'd sworn off caring about this kinda of stuff.

Last Blast: Hillary or Biden? Talk about breaking my heart trying to choose. Right now? I'm a Joe fan. Hell, I'll cast a worthless vote in Texas for either one of 'em.

Love y'all. Thanks for listnein'.

I always deserve it. Really.