They all are as you say... but I don't think its working or will work in the end.

1. They (media) have this incriminating evidence from 2011 called video tape !! wink

2. Boehner was the one who called a recess for the House - not Obama... and only a few weeks into the new session !! I think he'll get skewered for that... not even in session when the sequester is pending. How can you talk and negotiate when you're out of town !!??

In the final shakedown, the GOP will look like they are... obstructionists !! (& whiny babies) I hope voters don't forget their "childish games" in 2014.

I even heard a conservative commentator admit they've cut $2.4 trillion in spending over the past 2 years, but need more cuts... they weren't even admitting that a few weeks ago !! They realize they are LOSING ground...
David (OFI)