I spoke to a Carbonite CSR this morning. Explained what happened and asked if I could cancel the account and get a prorated refund. He was out of his depth, so I got a supervisor who verified what the tech had told me on Wednesday. I said that the information was not obvious on their website. She said, "It's there if you look for it." crazy

I said this version is targeted to intermediate home computer users and not everyone would even think to look for such content. I said I'm a bit more advanced than intermediate, but this was not something I thought of, either. My bad.

She told me they have a 60-day refund policy, and I'm at 64 days (62 when I first reported the issue).

I said I didn't want the moon with a fence around it just credit me $35.

She said she'd enter a claim with the billing dept. and I'd have an answer with 7 days.

"Billing?", I asked. "This is a customer relations issue, not a billing issue."

"That's our policy, sir."

"Okay," sez I. "If I don't get any satisfaction, I'll be all over your FB wall and Twitter page with this. That's my policy."

Stay tooned. smirk