Jim, the big "what if" would be... IF Al Gore had not been denied the Presidency in 2000 (historical data shows if they'd counted FL- he'd won even with Kathylen Harris' shenanigans )- we'd NOT had (1) massive tax cuts- he'd likely continued Clinton's policies, (2) 2 wars especially Iraq, (3) spending like drunk sailors, and (4) possibly even 9-11. -Clarke was onto OBL- I don't think AGore would have ignored the data like Condi Rice and Bush did. IT might not have been enough to avert 9-11 but there's at least a possibility it might not have happened.

(I still believe Bush let it happen in a passive way looking for excuses to pick a war with Iraq. Did he specifically know AQs plan? - NO, but he knew something was brewing and thought he could use an attack to his advantage. Turned out to be worse than he'd dreamed!)

So the bottom line is we would (with good certainty) NOT be $16 trillion in debt IF the voters would have had their say in 2000. SO now to hear the GOP thugs whine about deficits is just beyond juvenile and hypocrits !! mad And then to have them obstruct any repair of the damage is treasonous in my eyes. mad mad
David (OFI)