Well Holy Bat, Crapman! shocked Was planning to call Carbonite today to see if I can cancel my subscription and get a prorated refund. But first, I started a full restore to my desktop to retrieve all my files before disabling the account.

As of this writing, I've downloaded only a little more than 15% of the 11 or 12GB that had been backed up. And waddaya think I'm seeing in that folder? All the subfolders and files that were supposed to have been nuked! So far, it looks like it 's ALL there. Yet yesterday, when their support rep looked into my account, he found none of this stuff. I had already gone through my folder with a fine-toothed comb and a magnifying glass, and the tech did the same. He looked behind chests, under sofa cushions, even in the glove compartment of my car, and found nothing. Yet, there it is, downloading in its entirety. Go figure! crazy

I'm still going to see if I can cancel the account today, but if they're not willing to work with me, I'll finish out the subscription and switch to Crash Plan toward the end of the year. At least now I know where the quicksand is. But it's pretty weird that even their techs missed those files, or aren't as server-savvy as they should be.

Whew! smile