I hope it doesn't impact you Steve, but likely it'll hit us all in one form or another.

Thats why Krugman says now is NOT the time to cut !! eek
I sincerely believe the GOP just wants things F-ed up so they can plead with the public "it's not working - give control back to us!" which is like giving a drunk driver the car to drive you home ! We'll end up in another bar ditch wrecked worse than the 1st time !! mad

The good news is I believe the voters/ public have caught on and the ploy won't work. IF we go to sequester (I'm betting 80-90% we will), the GOP gets the bulk of the blame for the exact reasons MacB said - no leadership on the GOP side- just a bunch of baby whining. In fact, we've had more crises created by or under GOP "leadership" (?) than any Dem ever dreamed of.

David (OFI)