It hasn't happened yet and we don't know for sure if it will but I'm already feeling the hit. In early January I met with four new prospective clients across several consumer and B2B industries. Three agreed to sign on with me, but two have temporarily tabled their marketing plans 'til they see what's going to happen to the economy in March. And I know that one or both may go south on me if the worst happens.

Here in Dayton, with Wright Pat AFB next door, there's much nervousness a/b what the impact of the defense cuts will be and that ripple is spreading out to a long list of local tech and mfg. companies that are either defense contractors or who's customers are.

As much as we hope it happens, a Conservative "Atlantis" in 2014 is no concession for those who will get thoroughly hosed in the coming months. Revenge next year will not mitigate the damage we'll see this year.