Your tidiness bites you in the ass. grin I thought that when you said you copied your DVDs to the HD and sent them up to the cloud you kept the DVDs.

Remember, these sites are for backups, they're not really meant for file storage. I would never trust my data in just one place, especially one I don't have control over.

There is something called CrashPlan that has made great strides since its inception a few years ago. I just learned about it. They offer never deleteing files that you delete. It offers incremental backup for Mac which Carbonite doesn't

Flexible Restore Options
With CrashPlan backup software, you can go back in time and choose to restore specific versions of files based on date. You can also tell CrashPlan where to save the files when you restore and whether or not to rename them.

We never throw anything away
Unlike other backup products, CrashPlan keeps your deleted files forever (unless you tell us not to.) No matter how much time passes after you delete a file, you can get it back. (Files backed up to CrashPlan Central are retained as long as you have an active subscription or free trial).

Another nice feature they have is if one has many gigs or terabytes of files and upload time would be prohibitive, for a fee of around $125 they ship you a drive to copy your data to, you mail it back and them, that's your first backup, they then copy it to their servers.

You should be able to get out of your Carbonite plan, I believe they prorate it.