TM is set to do a daily backup of all work and docs to my external drive at 3AM, and I use CCC to do a complete bootable system backup every Sunday morning on a second partition. But for the past 5 years, I've also done a quarterly backup from the external to CDs or DVDs so I can periodically purge files to save disk space and have some measure of redundancy during overlapping intervals. But as you can imagine, that's a PIA. I also decided that having a redundant backup off-site made more sense and yeah, I can access files via my MBP or iPhone from anywhere.

I didn't realize folders with deleted files overwrite their predecessors. I assumed that once a file was stored on their server, it stayed.

My external is a 1TB LaCie Quadra, and I've still got more than 600GB of free space, so I shouldn't be so worried a/b storage especially since I have very few video and audio files.

Oh well, rive and rearn, says me. crazy