I started my battle with cancer January f 2009 when I just had BC/BS which I paid for since I was 64. I had several CT scans.

I would get the statements from my hospital and from my insurance. The hospital would bill the insurance $800. The insurance would tell the hospital " we will pay $600. The hospital would then say, "we will accept that"

This happened several times.

Then in 2010 I goton Medacare.

Now the statements went like this. The hospital would bill Medacare now $1300. Medacare would then tell the hospital, "okay, we'll pay that $1300"

When this happened the first month I was on Medicare I compared it to the previous scan. When I was just in my insurance. I about died.

What a scam. Where is the freakin over site!

This wasn't even Obamacare at that time.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time