True dat. He was wide of center on gas mileage improvement and some disclosure to Congress claims and I'm not lovin' the drone thing one leetle bit. But, as you say, better him that some right wing megalomaniac in charge. And it was an outstanding speech.

On ACA, it'll still be a year and change shortly after the law his been fully implemented before you see real cost reductions. But costs are still high. Last sumer, I had a bizzar-o gout-like episode with my left foot. The ER bill and radiology and all that crap came to more than $1,600 for a one-hour out-patient visit. And that included a $60 charge for an air splint that retails for $13.50 online. mad

That said, my Medicare parts A, B, and D and my AARP supplemental plan start in two weeks, so I can stop getting gouged for the few times I need healthcare.