Though I created many materials to use in my classes, almost all of them could have been used by many math instructors. Many were quite effective, . I never attempted to profit from them.

There were materials available for use in mth classes created by other math instructors. I personally don't see why my district should claim ownership of material that was not required of me and that I created on my own time not at school, using no school resources.

In fact, I supplemented the supplies of the school out of my pocket. Numerous calculators and geometric instruments I purchased for my classes to use.

I gave a lot to that district. Back in fall of 1994, my personal 7200 Mac with personnel laser printer and CD burner was stolen out of my locked class room. The culprits knew exactly which room to rob as the two neighboring classrooms, accessible from my room , were not touched. One had a Mac classic in it. The culprits had a key to the building and a master key to the classrooms.

The police did nothing to apprehend the mutts nor did the school. In fact, I was shown the policy where the schools insurance had a $5,000 deductible. Which covered most of it . Not only that, I was pretty much told that it was my own fault for having my own computer at school.
Figured they stole about $6,500 that Friday night. They also took a wonderful Sony Boombox and about 15 CDs of mine.
If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time