My thoughts;

News shows like Fox, CNN, MSNBC only have a very limited time to present the news. So they are only going to go with the biggest story - simply there are shooting everyday in the US - only the one who shot the most will be on TV.

Problem with TV news and Print as well;
Is Confirmation of events. CNN for one came out and said on some occasions that it self could NOT confirm a certain news event to their satisfaction and will not air that event. Even if there are other stations airing the same event before CNN.

Print news <- well when you buy it - it is already old news. Now I don't know about your neck of the woods but here , you get a paper once a day that is yesterday news, you then wait for the next print out tomorrow for todays news laugh Print news is well great for people who don't have a computer to keep up with live news or like me the news paper is now only good for the shopping coupons laugh