to battle famine, poverty and promote human rights. Some build homes for the homeless and represent justice and voting rights on international stages.

Others, well ponder their existence and the deep and troubled human condition ... laugh

the story

" In so far as it is thanks to the male organ that we are able to come into the world at all, out of the amniotic fluid, a bridge becomes the crossing from the other world (the unborn state, the womb) to this world (life); and, since men also picture death as a return to the womb (to the water), a bridge also acquires the meaning of something that leads to death, and finally, at a further remove from its original sense, it stands for transitions or changes in condition generally. It tallies with this, accordingly, if a woman who has not overcome her wish to be a man has frequent dreams of bridges that are too short to reach the further shore.
(Sigmund Freud, from New Introductory Lessons on Psychoanalysis).