That is true, they do need to make news for their owners. And, I guess, I've been looking at the 24 hour "news" channels as, primarily there to relate te news, but there is nothing that saying that they have to do that. They are just like any other channel on TV. There to impart entertainment but use the news as their gimmick . Like the History channel or the food channel

As I understand it the three main networks have in their charter with the FTC to provide thirty minutes of news in the evening and allow thirty more minutes for local news. These are the only times that must be relegated to unbiased news.

The 24 hour dudes can fill their time with any show they want I suppose. That's why we get, Chris Mathews, o,Reily, Hannity, Rachel Madeuws , Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper. Their job for their networks are to have something too keep their viewers coming back. Most of the time they do that well as they know their viewers .

I really need to tune to the regular networks for my news for TV, that is. Most where I get my news is on the web.

If we don't count our blessings
We are just wasting our time