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Remember, this stuff is hot news now a days. The media is eating ths shiit up. I bet they have interns scouring the wires for violence, guns in particular. Of course sometimes thy don't have to look far as one picks up the story, adjusts it to fit then another picks tat story and dows the same.

In one version it was reported that cops shot up a delivery van cause it looked lie what was reported to be the crazy guys vehical. Where's the follw up with that?


Yeah... before the Newtown incident a rogue cop in Cali shooting everyone and everything would never have made the news.....


Or a sniper in Washington shooting out of a hole in his trunk....

Or the Atlanta shootings by a stock trader that took 9 lives...

Or any other crazed killers running around shooting innocents... nah... that never made the news.

Remember everyone... these aren't real f••kers killing people... it's just media hype.

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