ok, i know this may seem completely absurd and not directly relative to any DNS issues... but... have you zapped your NVRAM? i only ask because it seems you have tried everything, and suggest you try that, it does a bit more than a PRAM zap does... i wish i could find the post at MacFixit regarding when and why to zap PRAM/NVRAM, it basically stated that a zap is something of a last resort (not that it is a drastic measure, it is not) and was rather humorous as well... drat. i will search for it yet.<br><br>OH, and zapping the NVRAM differs procedurally from a PRAM zap in that you must shut down the Mac first and then perform the procedure as you would for zapping PRAM (hold down the option, command, P, and R keys as the Mac is starting up and continue to hold them down until you hear three "bong sounds" then let up on the keys... further, some will say only one "bong sound" is needed, some will say four are required, whatever...)<br>~~~<br>"Our civil rights have no dependence upon our religious opinions more than our opinions in physics or geometry." --Thomas Jefferson